About us


The Department of Chemical Engineering at King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT) began offering an undergraduate program in 1974, a Master’s program in 1982, and a Ph.D. program in 1991. The primary objective of the Department is to produce engineers and researchers who are highly proficient and knowledgeable in both theoretical foundation and practical application of chemical engineering, while being rooted in moral and ethical values of citizenship. These new chemical engineers will fulfill the needs of the country in terms of its economic development. Moreover, the Department has highly quailifed faculty members who are specialists in the fields they teach. Currently, these faculty members possess Ph.D. degrees in a variety of fields, placing the Department among one of the nation’s top-ranked in chemical engineering for its staff qualification and readiness. In addition, the faculty members of the Department are internationally renowned for their many research contributions.

Chemical Engineering is a field that involves studies of the design of production tools and equipment related to chemicals and their productions. This includes production systems control and plant design. Students in this area will apply basic science knowledge from chemistry to the development of more efficient production processes that are economically viable and environmentally friendly. The science of chemical engineering can also be applied to many types of technology such as energy, environment, bio-processes, material science, petrochemical, pharmaceuticals, and food production.

Graduates in chemical engineering can work in a variety of positions such as production enginnering, process control, and equipment/tool design in many diverse industries such as the petrochemical, petroleum, textiles, pharmaceutical, and food industries.