Dr. Waritha Jantaporn

E-mail : waritha.jan@kmutt.ac.th

Tel : 02-470-9220-30 ext. 208


         AD 2016         Ph.D. (Process and Environmental Engineering), Paul Sabatier University (Toulouse III), France

         AD 2012          Engineer’s Degree (Process Engineering) National Superior School of Engineers in Chemical and Technological Arts (ENSIACET), France

         AD 2009          Two-Year Technical University Diploma (Chemical and Process Engineering)
University Institute of Technology (IUT) of Saint-Nazaire, France



  1. Kongsong, P., Jantaporn, W., & Masae, M. (2020). Enhanced photocatalytic activity of Ni doped TiO2 nanowire-nanoparticle hetero-structured films prepared by hydrothermal and sol-gel methods. Surface and Interface Analysis, 52(8), 486-492.

Conference proceeding

  1. Niyomwas, B., Jantaporn, W., & Srichairattana, A. (2017, February 23-24). The Effect of Inclination Angle Of Glass Cover and Drain Width on the Performance of the Solar Desalination. Heat and Mass Transfer in Heat and Process Equipment, Siam Commercial Bank Training Center, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 170-174.
    King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi 210
  2. Jantaporn, W., & Wanichpongpan, P. (2017, October 18-20). High Performance Water Recycling of Industrial Cooling Water by using Cold Lime Soda Softening and Membrane Processes. 7th International Thai Institute of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry Conference 2017 (ITIChE2017), Shangri-La hotel Bangkok, Thailand, 503-506.